Genealogy Services

We find it so interesting and such a joy to see a smile on someones face to find out who a great grandpa was, or where the family came from, or who came on the mayflower, and even at times finding pictures that they have never seen. My services are helping to search your family members and create a Family report full of information that you can read and understand.  My charges are listed on the right and in store visits still require processing fee of $7.95 and NC tax. If you make an online purchase, please be sure to contact me to insure I have received payment and got started on your report. Come by or call me and lets see if we can find the key to unlock your family heritage! You can also email, but response time may be prolonged due to the fact that onsite business always comes first. 


$ 149.40 USD

This is any and all information found for paternal or maternal side. It includes all records, stories, pictures, ect. found in black and white only. $125 plus $14.95 Processing/Shipping +NCtax.


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